Naming ceremony for MS Støttfjord

The naming ceremony for MS Støttfjord was held in Bodø, Norway at 2nd March 2019. The vessel is the first of two sister ships built on Skipskompetanse's design SK-3355. A proud owner opened the vesself or the public, both in Bodø and in Måløy before the vessel left Stadyard. MS Støttfjord has building number 42 from Stadyard.

MS Støttfjord is positioning itself as one of the leading vessels in the small fishing vessels class. The owners of Støttfjord and its sister ship Trondskjær is also leading the development and use of green technology in the fleet of coastline fishing vessels.

Skipskompetanse thanks the yard and owner and wishes the best of luck for crew and vessel.

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MS Støttfjord  MS Støttfjord  MS Støttfjord  MS Støttfjord