First catch for Straumberg


on the 27th of February 2014, Straumberg delivered it's first catch of 250 tons of capelin in Senjahopen. They experienced cruising speeds of 8,5 knots with a fuel consuption of 140 liters per hour with the shaft generator enabled.


Straumberg i Senjahopen 27/02-2014 

While unloading the catch, the captain gave us the following feedback:

Skipper - Straumberg"We are no at Senjahopen unloading our first catch of capelin. We have experienced the boat at sea and at purse seining. The vessel handles the sea very well and arrangements on deck and in the wheelhouse work well. We are very satisfied with a boat that handles the sea very well and very everything works well. This has been Øystein Hanssen's moonlanding. We are very satisfied, we have received a vessel that is perfect for our operations". (original text in Norwegian)


Raymond Hevrøy