Conversion from pelagic trawler to purse seinerMarineTraffic

Sjarmør, formerly Swedish pelagic trawler Themis, was purchased in 2008 by Nord Solund Fiskeriselskap and converted to a purse seiner at Nor Marine Industrier. Skipskompetanse designed and managed the conversion in cooperation with the owners in addition to assisting with negotiations and in choosing shipyard. Skipskompetanse has also been responsible for obtaining drawings from suppliers and for follow-up with the authorities.

ThemisThe conversion consisted of: widening the hull, lifting and expanding the wheelhouse, new deck house on main deck, refurbishment of accommodations, fitting an anti-roll tank, building two net bins, fish handling arrangement with water separator system and fitting net handling equipment. In addition, the following equipment was fitted: a new auxiliary engine, a new harbour aggregate, a new RSW manifold, a new complete vacuum system,  a new work boat with davit and a new fish handling arrangement with draining box and gullies.

The vessel was completed and delivered to it's owners in February 2009.


Photo of Themis: A Ryberg /