Inter Nord

70m x 15m live fish carrier for Nordlaks Transport

Main Particulars

Owner:Nordlaks Transport AS
Yard:Vaagland Mek. Verksted
Yard no.:142
Design:70M DE
Propulsion System:Diesel-electric
Accommodation:10 persons
Tank Capacity:2800m³
Delivered:November 2010

Bjørg Pauline was designed in cooperation with Steinar Eide in Startrans AS. The company was bought by Nordlaks Transport AS during the building of the vessel. The vessel is arranged for transport of salmon and smolt, in addition to grading and lice tratment.

Bjørg Pauline has since been sold to Intership AS and has been named Inter Nord.


Generator Sets:Cummins 2 x KTA 38 DMI, 931kW / 2 x KTA 19 DMI, 740kW
Gear and propeller:Finnøy
Cleaning and Control system:Redox
Fish handling system:MMC

Where’s Inter Nord now?

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