Vasily Kaplyuk

50m x 12m trawler/purse seine

Main Particulars

Owner:VI Lenin Collective Farm Fishing
Yard:Yantar JSC
Yard no:04003
Propulsion System:Diesel-mechanical
Accommodation:15 persons in 9 cabins
Class:RS KM*, AUT1, ICE3, Fishing Vessel
RSW Capacity:780m³

The vessel is owner by V.I. Lenin Collective Fishing Farm, Petropavlovsk – Kamtsjatka and is the third in a series of three vessel built with support from the national quota investing programme in Russia.

Yard no 04003 was originally named Udarnik but was changed towards the end of the building to honor Vasily Mikhailovich Kaplyuk who passed away in july 2020.

The vessel was delivered in november 2020.

Where’s Vasily Kaplyuk now?

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