Contract on fishing vessels for Russia

Skipskompetanse has signed a contract on delivery of design, drawings and technical assistance for fishing vessels of SK-3101R to a Russian ship owner.

11. December 2015

– Press Release

Skipskompetanse, a company with special expertise in technology and design of fishing vessels, have recently been elected for the delivery of design, engineering drawings and technical assistance, in relation to construction of several new fishing vessels based on Skipskompetanse developed SK-3101R design. SK-3101R is a proven fishing vessel design that is used to trawl, seine and purse seine deep-water fishing.

The vessels are ordered by one of the largest fishing company in Petropavlovsk – Kamchatka region of Russia, VI Lenin Collective Farm Fishing. This region accounts for the largest proportion of fish catches landed in Russian waters. A Russian shipyard will do the construction of the vessels. The owner has elected to join forces with Yantar JSC in Kaliningrad for the construction and outfitting of these modern and effective SK-3101R vessels. The Owner, the Shipyard and Skipskompetanse have also signed an agreement on options to build additional fishing vessels using SK design for delivery in addition to the firm vessels.

Vessels under this first design package are 50 meters in length and 12 meters in width. The vessel will be built as per the Russian iceclass requirements and will have RSW capacity of 800 m3. The vessels are prepared for a crew of 15. Skipskompetanse will also contribute during selection and delivery of technical solutions for use aboard these vessels.Delivery of the first vessel from the Shipyard is set to 1st quarter 2018.

For Skipskompetanse this is very pleasing news and shows again the strength and quality of the work done by Skipskompetanse with respect to fishing vessel designs.
Earlier in 2015 Skipskompetanse was selected to deliver design packages to 3 live fish carrier vessels, yet another design and competence area in focus for Skipskompetanse.

CEO Per Jørgen Silden made following statement after this contract award: “This latest contract award is an important milestone for Skipskompetanse and our international expansion in 2015.  Nationally, we will continue to focus on fishing vessel design and we expect and believe that we shall continue to succeed also in what we call our home market.  The results that we see today are the results of the hard quality work from everyone, both employees and other associated.

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