New contract for fishing vessel to Camaro Fiskeriselskap

Skipskompetanse has signed a new contract for design of a new fishing vessel to Camaro Fiskeriselskap. The vessel will be built at Larsnes Mek Verksted.

11. March 2021

It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that an agreement has been entered into between Camaro Fiskeriselskap, Skipskompetanse and, Larsnes Mek Verksted for the design and construction of a new spinner/seiner for Roger Nilsen in Nord-Lenangen, Tromsø.

The vessel gets the yard’s building number 69, the name Nord-Fugløy and the design is SK-3151 from Skipskompetanse.

The design is adapted to the company’s operating basis and areas of operation, including the climatic challenges that fishing vessels in northern waters may face.

The vessel is equipped for efficient and environmentally friendly fishing with spinners and nets, combined fishing tanks for guiding both live fish, cooling by icing in tanks, cooling in RSW and, storage in freezers.

Nord-Fugløy is also being built with a strong focus on the crew’s safety, working environment and living comfort, good HSE solutions and, development opportunities.

To support the company’s expectations of a good operating economy and minimal environmental footprint in all relevant operating conditions, the vessel is arranged with a large propeller, two-step gear, variable speed generator, “take me home” solution and, a battery package of approx. 1.0 MWh. The vessel is considered to meet future requirements and expectations for a minimal environmental footprint.

Main Particulars

OwnerCamaro Fiskeriselskap AS
YardLarsnes Mek Verksted
Length50,7 m
Width12,0 m
RSW499 m3
Freezing Capacity (combined with RSW)~ 350 m3
Battery Pack~ 1000 kWh
Accommodation14 persons