New live fish carrier for Rostein

New Live fish carrier for Rostein

22. October 2018

Skipskompetanse will deliver the design package for yet another live fish carrier to Rostein AS. The live fish carrier will be 6th vessel based on the same design from Skipskompetanse and has expected delivery in january 2020. The vessel will be equipped with batteries, becoming the first battery hybrid live fish carrier.

The new live fish carrier will be a lengthened version of her sister ships Ro Fortune, Ro West, Ro North and Ro Server. Through years of close co-operation with Rostein and Larsnes Mek Verksted, the vessels have been optimised to become the best of its kind.

If the project achieves positive outcome in terms of applications for funds, a battery rack will be installed and the new vessel will become the first battery hybrid live fish carrier. Skipskompetanse is now gathering a lot of experience on battery hybrids, currently working on several battery hybrid projects. During the start of 2019, Støttfjord and Trondskjær will be delivered from Stadyard, being the first of their kind with installed battery hybrid systems.

In Skipskompetanse, we are proud to take part in the development of the leading live fish carriers in the world as well as happy to step into the green future together with Rostein.