Orca Yka delivered to Naviera Orca S.A.!

Livce Fish carrier Orca Yka was named and delivered to Naviera Orca Chile S.A. 26th of March.

4. April 2022

On saturday the 26th of March, Skipskompetanse attended the naming ceremony of Orca Yka together with the owners, yard, suppliers and other partners in this project in Ålesund. The vessel was named by God Mother Julie Christina Aasen, smashing the champagne bottle into the ships’ side on a sunny day.

Orca Yka is a top modern live fish carrier equipped with the best and most advanced technology for it’s size and capacities. It is optimized for transport and treatment of farmed fish in Chile, with possibilites to preoduce and use freshwater for tratment of sea lice. The slim hull is optimal for the long transports from end to end in Chile.

The vessel has the following main particulars and capacities:

Owner:Naviera Orca Chile SA
Yard:Larsnes Mek. Verksted
Yard no.:68
Design:SK-6100 DM LFC II
Length:79.3 m
Width:15 m
Propulsion System:Diesel-mechanical
Accommodation:13 persons
Tank Capacity:~2800m3
Class:DNV, +1A1, E0