Cape Arkona

66,9m x 15m longline/trawler/trap fishing

Main Particulars

Owner:Austral Fisheries
Yard no.:008
Propulsion System:Diesel-mechanical
Accommodation:40 persons in 26 cabins
Class:BV +1A, ICE-1C, Fishingvessel, E0, RP
Freezing Capacity:1150m³


Main Engines:CAT 3512C 1200kW@1600rpm, CAT 3516C 1800kW@1600rpm
Propeller and Gear:Brunvoll Volda
Auxiliary Engine/Generator Set:CAT C32 940kW@1800 rpm
Longlining equipment:BFG

Cape Arkona was designed and developed in close cooperation with owner and yard. The vessel is a multi purpose fishing vessel equipped for fishing using longlines, traps or trawling equipment. This combination has never been used before on a newbuild.

Cape Arkona was designed to support the owner’s goal of being a carbon neutral company. Having different methods of fishing, resulting in a varying load on engines and power generation, she is optimized using a “father-son”-solution. This solution involves two main engines with different capacities and power both connected to a gear, allowing the vessel to use the best fitting engine in a given condition. Additinoally, two shaft generators are quipped, whereas one of them can also add power to the gear and propeller (PTI). The power generation setup allows the vessel to adopt to the different operations and loads on the vessel, always using the correct amount of power from the best possible setup and combination of power generators. A battery pack has also been installed, further increasing the possibilities of power management and the possibility to run an environmentally friendly vessel.

The unique combination of fishing equipment can be stored and used all on one voyage, making the vessel flexible to adopt and maximize use of time at sea.

Cape Arkona was delivered to the owners in july 2020.

Where’s Cape Arkona now?

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