Contract on fishing vessel for Austral Fisheries

Skipskompetanse designs a new combined fishing vessel for Austral Fisheries

7. May 2018

Austral Fisheries have signed a contract for a new modern fishing vessel with ship yard Båtbygg AS. The vessel can alternate between longlining, trawling and fishing with traps – a combination that has not been implemented before, as far as we know.

The design is made by Skipskompetanse and the concept has been developed in a close cooperation with the yard and the ship owner.

Austral fisheries, is one of Australia’s largest integrated commercial fishing companies with interests in both deep sea fishing and at sea prawning.

Baatbygg has a long history with Austral Fisheries carrying out several conversion projects in the past, and was therefore a natural choice for building the new vessel.

Cape Arkona will measure 66,9m x 15,0m and will have the design number SK-4260. The ship has been designed with focus on minimal environmental impact.

The vessel will have Bureau Veritas classification: Bureau Veritas I✠Hull✠Mach, Fishing Vessel, Unrestricted Navigation, AUT-UMS, AVM-APS, ICE IC, MON-SHAFT .

The accommodation is arranged for a crew of 40 in 26 cabins.

The vessel can alternate between all three types of fishing on one single trip without having to reconfigure.

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