Ben Hur

New-build for Ben Hur

Contract on fishing vessel for Juda Ben Hur AS

14. March 2013

Moen Marin AS in Kolvereid has signed a contract with Juda Ben Hur AS in Senjahopen and will build their new fishing vessel M/S Ben Hur which will be yard no. 73. The vessel will be delivered in the second half of 2014, and will replace the existing M/S Ben Hur.

The vessel is designed and developed by Skipskompetanse AS in Måløy. The project is the result of a cooperation between the naval architects, ship owners, yard and ship brokers. Brokers Maritime Competence Ltd, have had a key role in financing the project.

The vessel of Skipskompetanse design SK-3400 will have a length of 14,95 m, beam 6,5 m and will be equipped for net and danish seine with state of the art equipment.

The boat will have 3 cargo tanks with a total capacity of 70m3, where each tank kan be used for storing fish in ice water or containers in the centre tank. It will have a 35m3 net bin and combined winches for Danish seine and nets.

Vacuum systems will be arranged with suction from the net. Equipment for sorting and gutting will be arranged on main deck.

Accommodations will be arranged for a crew of 5 in 3 cabins.

For more information please contact:
Per Jørgen Silden – Skipskompetanse AS – Tlf. +47 416 66 861
Tommy Nilsen – Juda Ben Hur AS – Tlf. +47 993 08 315
Ole Angelsen – Moen Marin AS – Tlf. +47 915 16 945
Einar Tore Esaiassen – Maritime Competence Ltd – Tlf. +47 900 45 606