New design for Straumberg

New design contract

23. December 2010

Larsnes Mek Verksted has signed a contract with Straumberg AS by Øysten Hansen on the construction of the new “Straumberg” which will be their yard number 51. The vessel will be delivered in summer 2013 and will replace the existing “Straumberg” which was built in 1979.

The vessel is designed and developed by Skipskompetanse in Måløy who will deliver all drawings and calculations. The project is the result of a cooperation between the ship owner, the yard and ship broker Maritime Competence Ltd. The ship broker has also had a central position in obtaining financing for the vessel and in negotiations with ship yards.

Straumberg is a modern and flexible design with Skipskompetanse design number SK-3100V. The vessel will have a length of 46.5m, beam of 12.0m. It will be equipped for seine, pelagic trawling and bottom trawling with state of the art equipment.

Operating economy has been emphasized in the development of the vessel, and the hull will be tested in model tank for optimization. The propulsion system will be diesel-mechanical with shaft generator / booster-engine and option for diesel-electric propulsion (hybrid).

The vessel is arranged with six RSW tanks where three will be prepared for future freezing holds. The vessel will have a total RSW capacity of 650m3. It will have two net bins, trawl arrangement with a large trawl drum and a drum for spare trawl. Combined winches for seining and trawling will be placed below the forecastle deck.

A vacuum system will be arranged with suction from seine net and trawl net. On the main deck arrangement for gutting of saithe will be arranged. The accommodation will be arranged for a crew of 12 in nine cabins and will also include a gym, a large mess / day room, wet and dry wardrobe and a coffee room on boat deck.

For more information, please contact:
Øystein Hanssen, Straumberg AS – mob.: 911 33 544
Jarle Gunnarstein, Larnses Mek Verksted AS, – tlf.: 70 02 64 00
Per Jørgen Silden, Skipskompetanse AS, – mob.: 416 66 861
Einar Tore Esaiassen, Maritime Competence Ltd, – mob.: 900 45 606