Work catamaran for Arctic Seaworks

Arctic Seaworks signs contract with Pipe Systems Engineering

20. October 2011

Arctic Seaworks based in Hammerfest have assigned a contract to Pipe Systems Engineering (PSE) in Gursken for the construction of a work catamaran of type SK-2300III.

Skipskompetanse in Måløy have designed the vessel which has been developed in cooperation with the ship owners and the yard. Skipskompetanse will also deliver all the construction drawings for the vessel. The boat will be built at PSE’s yard in Haugsbygda and will be delivered June 2012.

The vessel is a modern combined diving / ROV work catamaran which will be used in Arctic Seaworks’ operations along the coast. The vessel has accommodations for a crew of 9 and will have a length of 14,9m and a beam of 12m. The work deck with an area of around 100m2 will have a load capacity of close to 100 tonnes. The vessel will be equipped with two propulsion engines of 700hp each in addition to two auxiliary engines of 40kW. This will give a bollard pull of about 18t. The vessel will have two cranes of capacities 145 and 65 tonne-metres in addition to a towing winch of 80t. The vessel will also have a system for dynamic positioning. With these capacities, the vessel will be the largest catamaran in Norway of it’s type and will provide Arctic Seaworks an substantial competitive advantage in their market.

PSE appreciate the trust Arctic Seaworks show by giving them this assignment. The contract is an important milestone in PSE’s strategy of developing as a provider of small vessels as they restart shipbuilding activity on the former premises of Longva Mek. Verksted in Haugsbygda.

All parties look forward to a constructive cooperation in executing this innovative project.

For more information, please contact:

Pipe Systems Engineering AS – Ronny Frøystad – Mob. 905 72 620
Arctic Seaworks AS – Odd Harald Skavhaug – Mob. 971 25 253
Skipskompetanse AS – Per Jørgen Silden – Mob. 416 66 861